3 things you will not see in a CV

"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world"

- Steve Jobs -

Great business leaders agree that their company's success depends on their people. People are assets and like any asset, if you invest wisely in them, the returns will follow. The 'exceptional lengths' that Steve Jobs referred to is an indication that time, effort and cost is required in order to find these exceptional people.

Shortlisting from CV's only, is limiting and one dimensional. To find great people that will make a difference in your business, we have to venture beyond the obvious job related criteria in our search for them. That's where Sandi Crowther Recruitment comes in...

Here are three things that you will not see in a CV, that can make a significant impact on whether you are hiring the best person for the job:

1. Fit

A key ingredient is finding a good fit for your company culture - people who share your values, passion and direction.

2. Attitude

Attitude is something that is not always evident at first in an interview and often needs some probing to surface. Hire for attitude over skill. Whilst a basic skill set and competency is given in any job - most skills can be trained, whereas attitude is innate.

3. Motivation

Exceptional employees want to be compensated fairly, have good working conditions, be challenged and extended and often seek a position with room for growth.

The applicant's motivators need to be understood and addressed in a meaningful way by the employer in order to ensure a fully motivated employee in the workplace.

Time and effort is required to identify these often missed selection criteria not evident in the applicant's CV. That is why working with a recruiter who understands your business and goes to exceptional lengths in search of the best people, is an investment in your organisation's future, that will yield the exceptional returns you are looking for.

So let's chat about how we can make a difference in your life!